Audit in relation to M&A operations

It is in our DNA to respond very quickly to the following types of engagements:
– Asset transfer and merger audit,
– Transformation audit,
– Special benefits audit,
– Assets and liabilities audit.

Leading national and international investment banks, Private Equity funds as well as law firms in Paris regularly request our services for their M&A operations. Through our work and expertise, we offer them the flexibility that is vital to the conduct of such operations.

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AUDIT SERVICES (statutory audit and special audits)


As your company’s Auditor, we are responsible for certifying the company’s financial statements and the consolidated financial statements, if applicable. We issue reports based on applicable standards so that third-parties and shareholders can get assurance about the truthfulness of the financial statements. The duties of the Statutory Auditor include the following:

– Certification of the financial statements with interim work carried out before the closing of the accounts,
– Prevention of business difficulties through continuous monitoring at the registrars of Commercial Courts.


These assignments are in addition to the statutory audit and arise from either on the day-to-day running of the company, or from one-off requests from senior executives. These clearly defined assignments are authorised under the law and are covered by specific engagement letters, the « Services Autres que la Certification des Comptes » (Services Other than Certification of Accounts / Due Diligence) are of particular benefit to the day-to-day running, needs and development of companies.

For example, we regularly carry our engagements for our clients on the following subjects:

– Audit report or interim review that can be transposed to subsidiaries,
– Various types of certifications or Notifications relating to financial information,
– Report on the proper application (or not) of internal control procedures and on their strengths and weaknesses,
– Due diligence in view of acquisition or certification in the case of a disposal.


As regards accounting services, the main thrust of expertise is the provision of advice and support to the head of the company. We are at the service of our clients to solve the day-to-day concerns. We add value by supporting our partner clients in their growth, restructuring, Joint-Venture, and by “brainstorming the future with them”. All tasks falling within this scope are carried out on a continuous basis by our firm.

Our team’s qualification allows us to lend our expertise in the following areas:
– Consolidation
– Support to enterprises in difficulty (restructuring: mediator, conciliation, insolvency, receivership or liquidation),
– Restructuring and real-estate arbitrage,
– Advice relating to divestiture of businesses (intermediary between sellers and buyers),
– Support to senior executives in relation to the review of the personal tax situation.